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In the nuclear energy system, the engineering field related to the “reactor”, the mechanism for extracting energy, is called “reactor engineering”. Among them, "reactor physics" for understanding neutron transport (movement) in the nuclear reactor, interaction with nuclei, and fission chain reaction, and thermal energy generated by fission reaction using heat transfer medium “Reactor thermal hydraulics” to understand that they are extracted outside is an important technical field.

This laboratory uses both “reactor physics” and “reactor hydro-hydraulic power” as the two wheels. From the basic and basic research in each field, this laboratory aims to develop new equipment and systems based on these. We are working on a wide range of research.

Regarding nuclear reactor physics, we are conducting research centered on the computer code system CBZ, which was originally developed in the laboratory. This includes research on computers and programming, including the development of new mathematical models and numerical methods.

On the other hand, with regard to reactor thermal hydraulic power, we are using various high-pressure steam generators, which are rare even at universities in Japan, to conduct various measurements and experiments related to thermal hydraulic behavior. In addition, the experimental analysis of the obtained measurement data is carried out using a two-phase flow numerical calculation code.

From FY2018, research activities have been promoted under the system of an associate professor, Chiba (in charge of reactor physics) and an assistant professor, Yamamoto (in charge of reactor hydrothermal power). The laboratory's mission is to nurture human resources who can play an active role in the field of nuclear engineering in the future, but through research activities in the field of nuclear reactor engineering, human resources who will contribute to the future world, Japan, and their immediate society. I think it is most important to nurture

Daily life is not full of interesting things. However, each contrivance and effort should make it possible to tackle things that are not interesting but important and must be interesting. We aim to become a laboratory where each person can make a fulfilling research life by making their own ideas and efforts..